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Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend 14th to 17th September

On Friday 14th September we visited Tarneit Skies to choose a tile scheme as the tiles that we chose in July are now out of production. I think we chose a better scheme than last time. Margaret was hoping that our slab would be down, though I would have been very surprised if it had. As we found out it hasn't yet been laid, but the builders have been busy preparing the other sites in Stage 6 for slab laying. After that we went to Michelle's house for tea.

That evening we watched the Collingwood Vs West Coast football match. West Coast are very formidable at Subiaco Oval but Collingwood were rated a chance to win for two reasons. They have been in very good form recently, beating Sydney convincingly last Weekend. West Coast have lost - to injury - their three supreme midfileders, Judd, Kerr and Cousins. West Coast were in front for most of the game with Collingwood seemingly to be just hanging on. Then late in the third quarter, Worsfold, the West Coast coach made what was probably the biggest clanger of his coaching career. Glass had dominated Rocca with the only goal that Rocca has scored being more of an accident than an intentional move. When Worsfold took off Glass for a rest with six minutes to go in the third quarter it might have seemed a safe move as West Coast was up by almost four goals. Without Glass making a fool of him, Rocca scored two goals and at Three Quarter time Collingwood were only down by four points. The last quarter was close with scores even at full time. Two five minute "halves" were then played. The first one was inconsequential, but in the second five minutes Collingwood showed its superior fitness and ran away to win by 19 points. This was one of the best games of football I have seen.

On Saturday morning I attended Windy Hill Fitness Center for training and Pilates class.

In the afternoon Margaret and I visited John's grave as it is his birthday. Then we went to Glenroy Salvation Army for the 50th anniversary celebrations. There are a number of dates when this celebration could be held. If held last year it would have celebrated the first meetings at Glenroy. This year celebrated the building of the hall. 2009 would have commemorated the appointment of the first officer - Neil Saunders - and 2013 would have been the 50th anniversary of Glenroy becoming
a corps. We sad an entertaining powerpoint presentation which included many photographs from the past. We caught up with many people from the corps' history and had a celebration meal.

In the evening we watched the Kangaroos beat Hawthorne and move into one of the Preliminary Finals next week.

On Sunday morning we attended a Celebratory service at Glenroy SA and another meal.

In the afternoon Margaret and I say The Bourne Ultimatum at Broadmeadows cinema. For my reaction to the film see this post.

Monday 17th was my birthday. In the morning we attended our monthly Probus Club meeting. The speaker outlined the changes to superannuation to start on 20th September. It was probably too late for anyone who needed to make a change to their super, but it was good for us to confirm that we have made the right choices (months ago) with our financial adviser.

In the evening we went out to the Flower Drum restaurant for a double celebration - my birthday and selling our house. The flower drum's service and food were up its usual excellent standard.

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