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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Theatre Revue: LaLaLuna

The premise of the show is:
"What if, one evening, the light in the moon went out … and you were the one responsible for finding a replacement light bulb?
In LALALUNA, the stage fills with illusion, lunacy and a touch of circus as Bob – the lunar caretaker – attempts to correct this astronomical malady. In his quest to put the light back in the darkened night, Bob encounters body-engulfing balloons, tangles with a tango-dancing music stand, brings a movie to life beyond the confines of its screen and invites his audience to participate in ways they’d never dreamed of before." http://www.clocktowercentre.com.au/

Occasionally we have gone to a show not knowing what it is about and finding that we are watching something very special, that you will remember for many years to come. Lalaluna was one of those performances.

You can't always believe the publicity for all entertainments as it is in the interests of the publicist to claim that the show is "wonderful, marvellous, the best ever". The following excerpt from the show's publicity website (which I checked after seeing the show) gives just a sense of the quality and originality of the show:
"Lalaluna flies you to the moon and back on a winged unicycle to a symphony of whoopee cushions and ukulele. It plumbs the collective consciousness with a toilet plunger; enbosoms the collective imagination in a giant balloon; animates musical sketches and further charms with and interactive clothes line film".

This was a very different type of show to "The Glass Soldier" that we saw on Friday night, but equally as memorable.

If you get a chance to see this show don't pass it up!

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