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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend 11th to 12th August

We had a busy weekend.

We saw all of our grandchildren who live in Australia over the weekend.
On Saturday we looked after Spencer, while Cath and Chris attended a conference on Church planting.

Between 11:00 and 11:30 we had our first "open house" for the selling of our home. It was successful with 13 groups inspecting the house, and with at least three of them interested in being "kept in the loop". As is usual with inspections we had to leave the house, so Spencer and I observed proceedings from my car, parked up the street.

On Saturday night we had a party for Joyce's 88th birthday at the First and Last Hotel. We chose it as that venue as it has an excellent children's playground. The food was quite presentable for a local pub. Those who attended were, Joyce (of cause), Margaret, Edna, Jim and Janice, Adrian and Shannyn, Graeme and Ryan, Beth, Mark, Joshua, and Troy, Michelle, David, Jonathan, Mandy and lastly me.

On Sunday morning we attended Troy's enrollment as a Junior Soldier at Moreland Salvation Army. Joshua and Cameron renewed their pledge. After the service we had lunch at Moreland. The lunch was very tasty, being organised very effectively by Beth.


In the afternoon Margaret and I attended our second theatre performance in three days, this time at the Clock Tower in Moonee Ponds. The show was called Lalaluna.
To read my review of this wonderful show go to this post.

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