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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thomas Friedman

This is a talk that Thomas Friedman gave at the Melbourne Town Hall. the video comes from the Wheeler Centre.

Freidman notes four major issues:

1. Adapting to the IT revolution
2. Adapting to globalisation
3. Managing our whole entitlement, deficit and debt issue
4. Energy and climate

The first two merge into one issue as globalisation drives more IT revolution and more IT revolution drives more globalisation. Together they are hyper flattening the world. By flat Freidman means the inter-connectedness of the world.

He wrote The World is Flat in 2004. What particularly took my attention was the following:

If you pick up a first edition of that book and look in the index under “F” you will notice that Facebook isn’t in it. So when I wrote The World is Flat, Facebook didn’t exist, Twitter was a sound, the Cloud was in the sky … applications were what you sent to college, Linked In was a prison and Slype for most people was a typo”. All of that has happened in six years.

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