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Friday, February 11, 2011

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2010

The Royal Institution (see website at this link) is an organization devoted to scientific education and research. It was founded in 1799. Since 1825 it has been presenting lectures at christmas.

In 2010 the lecture was given by Mark Miodownik a materials scientist (see his website here). The topic was Size Matters.

Why does size matters in animal behaviour?

How can a hamster survive falling from the top of a skyscraper, ants carry over 100 times their own body weight and geckos climb across the ceiling?
In the first of this year's Christmas lectures, Dr Mark Miodownik investigates . He reveals how the science of materials - the stuff from which everything is made - can explain some of the most extraordinary and surprising feats in the animal kingdom.
By the end, you will understand why you will never see an elephant dance

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