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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simpsons and Banksy

This is the Couch Gag of a Simpsons episode that recently aried in the US:

It starts off dark and gets darker - Bart dolls stuffed with kitten fur and a chained unicorn used to punch holes in DVDs.

The sting in the tail: the sweatshop is in the basement of 29th Century Fox, the makers of The Simpsons!

It has been claimed that this sequence was inspired by reports that The Simpsons was animated in South Korea.

The opening sequence and couch gag were written by graffiti artist and political activist Banksy, whose tag appears prominently.

Banksy's identity is a closely kept secret. The following video investigates Banksy and attempts to discover who he is:

Banksy's work is edgy, ironic and creative, often with a strong message. This video shows many of Banksy's works ...

... and this link contains many photos ...

This is not the first association of Banksy with The Simpsons as this link shows.

My home town became briefly famous for painting out one of Banksy's works.

Here is a post with an interesting take on Banksy. The site is fun as it satarizes white, citified, liberals, like me.

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