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Friday, July 17, 2009

Our China Trip - the summary

This summary was provided by our incomparable guide - Andi.

Seven Cruises

  1. Three Gorges of Yangtze River

  2. Sheng Nong Stream

  3. Erhai Lake in Dali

  4. Li River in Guilin

  5. Grand Canal in Suzhou

  6. West Lake in Hangzhou

  7. Huang Pu River in Shanghai

One Train Trip

Beijing to Xi'an

1200 kms

Five Long Bus Trips

Wuhan to Yichang

380 kms

Kunming to Dali (and return)

320 kms each way

Shanghai to Suzhou

80 kms

Suzhou to Hangzhou

180 kms

Hangzhou to Shanghai

200 kms


1480 kms

Four Internal Plane Flights

Xi'An to Wuhan

1040 kms

Chongqing to Kunming

860 kms

Kunming to Guilin

900 kms

Guilin to Shanghai

1395 kms



It is difficult to quantify the distance some of our travelling - bus trips around the cities and to sites outside the cities - but such travel would add up to 200 to 300 kms.

This would mean a grand total of our travelling within China between 7,000 and 7,500 kms.

Seven of the Largest, Longest or Fastest in the World

Tiananmen Square

44 hectares

Tomb of Emperor Qin

56 kms2

Forbidden City

72 hectares

Maglev Train

431 km/h

Grand Canal

1747 km

Great Wall

Three Gorges Dam

Eight Sites of World Historical and Cultural Heritage

  1. Forbidden City

  2. Temple of Heaven

  3. Great Wall

  4. Summer Palace

  5. Master of Nets Garden

  6. Humble Administrator's Garden

  7. Stone Forest

  8. Museum of Terracotta Warriors

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