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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cosentino Threshold

Last night we went to a show called Cosentino Threshold.

We went with David and Glenda. The show was at Wyndham Cultural Centre, so we first tried out one of the local restaurants; this time Indian.

None of us had checked the details of the show and had expected it to be another drama, and were pleasantly surprised as the show unfolded.

The photo at left is the publicity shot.

The Consentino website accurately describes the show:

Cosentino's brand new production 'Threshold' will take you into the mysterious depths of your imagination as you witness the art of illusion, dance and escapes. Utilizing controlled mentalism and by manipulating the mind, body and soul, Cosentino proves that even the human body can surpasss its limited threshold.

... dazzling magic and illusions blended with energetic dance, dangerous and nail-biting escapes, audience participation, humour and many surprising twists.

Here are some photos from the website which give an indication of the visual style of the show ...

... as does the YouTube video below ...

A great night out!

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