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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Menopause the musical

We saw our last show at Wyndham Cultural Centre, yesterday.

The show was Menopause the musical.

Four very different women are shopping at Myers and discover that they have one thing in common - Menopause.

From left to right in the photo above: Earth mother (Carolyn Waddell), emotionally limited Dubbo housewife (Donna Lee), a fading soapie star (Vivien Davies) and career woman (Caroline Gillmer) find sisterhood and solidarity in their common menopausal sufferings.

The play has very little plot, but is sustained by many '60s songs rewritten to describe issues of menopause.

For instance, The Lion Sleeps Tonight becomes In the Spare Room My Husband Sleeps Tonight, Chain of Fools becomes Change of Life, Stayin Alive becomes Stayin Awake and My Guy becomes My Thighs.

The actors perform and sing well, particularly Donna Lee, who keeps in character during the song and dance routines, performing them with a clumsy and uncertain style that is very entertaining.

This was Menopause the Musical not Menopause the Drama so it didn't have much to say that was profound, but it was a very entertaining night out.

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