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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Flamenco Fire

Yesterday we saw Flamenco Fire at Wyndham Cultural Centre.
The show and company is described on their website as:

Since 1999 Flamenco Fire has been thrilling audiences with a heady mix of traditional and contemporary flamenco music, dance and song. A collaboration of nine of Australia’s finest flamenco artists, it features singers, dancers and musicians in a beautifully crafted show that reveals the flamenco artform in all of its guises.

We generally enjoyed the show, but not being an aficionado of Flamenco I can't comment on the finer points of the production.

The dancing and guitar playing was wonderful, but the singing was too eastern for me to fully enjoy.

The show raised the issue of the history and culture of Spain. Although it is geographically part of Western Europe, it has significant eastern influences in its culture which is worth investigating at a later date.

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