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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love Song

Yesterday we saw the MTC Play Love Song at the Fairfax.

The publicity blurb describes it as:

A light, quirky romantic comedy, Love Song has the qualities of a fairy tale for grown-ups, containing an enchantment that is street-smart and a story that will dissolve the most encrusted cynicism.

Beane is a loser who lost himself long ago. He now ekes out a lonely, spartan bachelor existence in a crummy apartment. His sister and brother-in-law have long given up on him and, besides, they have troubles of their own. Then one night, Beane has his home invaded by a beautiful burglar and he sees the gleam of other possibilities. But how is he to know if this love is real?

The photo below is one of the publicity shots showing all cast members.

The final line is "this love real?" has a double meaning. The obvious - is the relationship genuine and fulfilling - is not the real meaning. The actual meaning is " is this lover real?" The burglar who breaks into Beane's flat is a figment of his imagination. But the "relationship" that develops between them transforms Bean from the anti-social and troubled loner to an active and socially effective man. This has a significant effect on Beane but also on those around him. The relationship between his sister and brother-in-law blossoms when Bean's problems appear solved.

The method by which the playwright handles the growing realisation that Bean's girlfriend is imaginary is interesting: Bean will attempt to live his new socially effective life without his imaginary friend but if it does not work out then she will "return".

For much of this play I was not sure that I liked it. It was only at the end that I decided that I had enjoyed the play and consequently left the theatre satisfied.

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