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Monday, September 10, 2007

Not Minor Premiers by Accident

On Sunday 9th September Margaret and I attended the NRL final between Storm and the Brisbane Broncos. Storm finished minor premiers (on top of the ladder at the end of the home-and-away matches). The Broncos defeated Storm in last year's NRL grand final, which gave added incentive for a Storm win. The Broncos were undermanned with four of their stars missing. Storm didn't take pity on them thumping Brisbane 40 - 0. Storm crossed the line for 8 tries - six of them in the first half. The only time that the Broncos crossed, the try was disallowed by the Video Ref.

Meanwhile at the MCG only a few hundred metres to the north, Geelong, the AFL minor premier, was handing out a similar thrashing to the Kangaroos. Geelong won by 106 points.

A 106 point win in the AFL is probably equivalent to a 40 point win in the NRL.

I kept tabs on both games by listening to the ABC broadcast of the AFL game while watching the NRL game. Often I had two earphones in my ears, one from the radio the other from NRL "sports ears" broadcasting the referee's comments.

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