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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wednesday: Travel Show and Casino Show

Wednesday morning was a travel trade show. The Grand Ballroom was packed with exhibitors after the Probian traveling dollar. We discovered the best way to tour NZ – by Grand Pacific Coach.What convinced us was that people who had traveled by Grand Pacific confirmed (unsolicited) the claims made by the Grand Pacific presenters.

In the afternoon, after another brilliantly organized lunch,all Probians adjourned to the Casino theatre for the current casino show. This show was much better that I had expected. This was the first Casino show that I had attended. I expected something trashy and extravagant. Instead it consisted of song, dance, comedy,and acrobatics. I did not smuggle my camera into to the show, the photo at right is taken from the web site. It shows the highlight which was a performance by five motor cycle riders who performed intrica
te, high speedmanoeuvres, inside a sphere that seemed to be only 3 - 4 metres in diameter. The sphere could be separated into two hemispheres. At one stage three of the riders were circling in the top half and the other two in the bottom half. The photo shows the sphere in the background with the hemispheres separated. The girl on the bike isn't a gratuitous addition. At one stage she stood inside the sphere while two bikes whizzed around her.

That evening we went out for dinner to a Thai restaurant, with Bob, Ellis and Margaret. The meal and the company was excellent.

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