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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rendezvous 2007 Trip: The Beginning

We left Melbourne on the afternoon of Wednesday, 13th June, and flew to Sydney.
We knew that we were destined for the Metro Central Hotel Sydney, which is in Pit street. We didn't know the number in Pit Street as we expected that the taxi driver would be familiar with all of Sydney hotels. Our driver knew Pit street, of cause, but was not familiar with the hotel. He worried all the way into town about finding the Hotel.

Travel Hint 1: Know the exact address of the hotel; don't rely on the taxi driver to be aware of it.

As things turned out we found the Hotel easily. We checked in quickly and found the dining room where we met some of our traveling companions. We also met the tour guide Rod Richardson from Trade Travel.

For those who aware of such things, this was the night of NRL Origin 2.

The next morning we met our Bus (sorry Coach) driver, another Rod - Rod King.

There had been severe storms in New South Wales in the preceding week and there were news reports of the Hunter Valley under floods. We were all a little concerned that we would not get through the Hunter Valley, but Rod King assured us (correctly) that there would be no trouble with flood waters.

There were 27 in our group. Most from New Zealand or Western Australia. Margaret and I were the only Victorians and there were two Tasmanians.

The Google Map below shows the route we took on the trip and the major towns that we passed through.

View Larger Map


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